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Take Advantage Of vigrx oil – Read These 5 Tips

Sexual pleasure is a key component of relationships around the world. Yet about 17% of men experience erectile dysfunction by their sixties, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. By 2025, Johns Hopkins says, 322 million men worldwide may suffer from this irritating condition.

How do you fix such an important and personal issue? Pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals have put their brains to the test for decades to figure this out. The market for sexual enhancement products today includes pills, skin patches, injections, hormone replacement therapies and even penis transplants.

Yet there could be a safe and natural solution to this issue. VigRx Oil, one of the newest breakthroughs on the market, poses the latest answer to this question. VigRx Oil has been proven to enhance and sustain powerful, rigid erections in men under clinical conditions – all with a safe ingredient list.

vigrx oil Read These 5 Tips

Here are five quick tips and vigrx oil review that will help you decide whether the treatment is right for you.

VigRx Oil delivers natural bang for your buck.

Afraid of using unknown chemicals on your body? No need to worry. VigRx’s core ingredients are plants and herbs used by people all over the world: epimedium leaf, cuscuta seed, ginkgo biloba, Asian red ginseng, hawthorn berry and extracts from muira pauma bark and catuaba bark.

Each selected ingredient has sex-enhancing properties. The gingko biloba, for example, is a Chinese tree recognized for its ability to boost sexual arousal. The ginkgo dilates blood vessels near the genitals, increasing blood flow to the areas you need it the most. It also stimulates smooth muscle in the corpus cavernosum, a part of the penis that holds a large portion of blood during erections.

VigRx’s water-based formula can give you a powerful erection in 30 to 90 seconds.

VigRX’s transdermal delivery system allows for immediate contact with circulatory blood vessels in the penis, down to the tiniest capillaries. The water-based formula allows the oil to absorb quickly into the skin. The result? Instantaneous penetration to the deepest layers of the penis and the testicles.

As the oil passes through each skin layer, its potent ingredients increase circulation and oxygenation throughout the network of blood vessels there. As VigRx oil absorbs deeper into the skin, increased bloodflow brings much-needed hormones, including testosterone, to the core of the genitals.

Some ingredients, such as Asian ginseng, even influence the chemical composition of the blood. Ginsenoside, for instance, is a naturally-occurring compound in ginseng that boosts cardiovascular function and regulates lipids in the bloodstream.

Over 80% of male users were able to sustain their erection during intercourse after using VigRX oil.

Ancient tradition, meet modern science. Researchers at Leading Edge Health spent over ten years perfecting the product’s potency. But they didn’t do so without a little research: they built an herbal recipe using ingredients known throughout history for increasing sexual pleasure. Brazilian catuaba bark and North American hawthorn berry have been used for centuries as natural remedies for strengthening erections. Records show that hawthorn berry has been used as a medicine for heart conditions in its native North America, Europe and Asia. It does this by enhancing the activity of an enzyme called nitrate reductase. Through a series of chemical reactions, circulation to the extremities can be improved this way

VigRX is safe and gentle, for everyone involved.

The Oil’s natural, non-sticky formula is less likely to irritate sensitive skin. This is because it lacks petroleum ingredients, mineral oil, artificial colors and artificial fragrances. It is also safe for use in oral sex, so VigRx need not be removed to continue the fun.

VigRx has been validated by numerous men who are tired of taking ineffective pills and injections for their erectile dysfunction. Take advantage of VigRx’s natural recipe soon and try this new breakthrough for yourself.

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